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Continuing effects of violations of Internet pseudonymity

I'm putting this up because I care about the opinions of people other than W*ll Sh*tt*rl* and his remaining supporters, about whom I do not give a fuck.

I have never commented in any blog listing both this URL and my full name. For two months after Sh*tt*rl* linked my name and my blog, someone or someones impersonated me with comments at multiple popular WordPress blogs, apparently to link my name to my blog after I had made it clear I did not wish them linked. Like Mr. Sh*tt*rl*, they did not seem to feel I had the right to make my own decisions about this.

I have not talked about this in public before because in my experience publicizing the work of harassers only encourages them. However, since Mr. Sh*tt*rl* is publically discussing this issue and ONCE AGAIN linking [encouraging other people to link] my name to my blog, I feel it is necessary to explain to other people what really happened.

I am tired of Mr. Sh*tt*rl*'s continued malice and harassment, but apparently nothing will stop him. The impetus for this particular act seems to be that I didn't comment on the latest round of responses to critiques of racism. I request that you do not engage with him on my behalf, as the attention only encourages him, and that if he links my name and blog in your comments, that you delete the comments, or in other comments that you see, that you notify the blog owner of the impact of his actions and request they delete them on my behalf.

Please do not forward me links to statements by Mr. Sh*tt*rl*, including outings of me or anything he characterizes as an apology. I do not find reading his statements healthy for me.

I do not find posting under these conditions safe or enjoyable and will be locking down many public posts. I will do my best to leave public any posts which received widespread linking or discussion but may make exceptions according to my own discretion.

Linking to this post is okay, but you are probably better off spending your time reading Debbie Reese's response to Neil Gaiman's fans or Deepa D.'s response to Charles Tan.

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